Last updated: June 3rd, 2024 @ 3:15 PM


If you register your child for U10 it is probably not new to you! Your child has probably played for a couple of seasons now. You should be familiar with the basics at this point.

There are some children that this might be their first season. If you are parent of a new U10 soccer player see the information about U8 program and read the rest of this information. The biggest change for the U10 player program is the possibility of traveling. This is the age that if not enough children (hence, not enough teams) are enrolled, this will cause the player to need to travel to other towns to play teams so that your child has plenty of games to play!

  • You will have to purchase a uniform and a ball (size 4).
  • Practices are usually twice a week up to 75 minutes long.
  • The games are 7 players verses 7 players. One player will be a goalie (first time to have this)!
  • You will see your child play soccer (passing, moving better off the ball (because they are starting to think ahead at this age), scoring goals, possibly pulling some moves, defending their goal, having longer attention spans!).
  • We hope to see you in the bleachers positively cheering for your child!

Note: If it’s not ‘FUN’, your child won’t want to play the sport. Help make it fun.