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2016 Player Development Initiatives

Player Development Initiatives 2016



When do the seasons start?

Spring season starts the first weekend in March.
Fall season starts the first Saturday after Labor Day.

 How long will the season last?

Spring Season runs from March to mid-May.
Fall season runs from September to mid-November


What does my soccer player need to get started?

Soccer registration and payment are through this website.
Within 1 week of registration with Claremore Soccer Club, it is required that an original certified birth certificate be reviewed to confirm the player’s age. This is a one-time requirement. In order to accomplish this requirement, you have 4 choices:

  1. Bring the original birth certificate to the CLSC board room during onsite registration events for review/copy. We are located at 2700 N. Sioux Ave., Claremore.
  2. Email a quality scan of the original birth certificate showing the certification seal/stamp.

Does my registration fee include a uniform?

  • Lil Kicks registered players will receive a club T-shirt at no charge at the Lil Kicks’ first meeting but will need to purchase shorts, socks, and shin guards (soccer cleats are optional, not mandatory). Returning Lil Kicks players will not receive an additional shirt.
  • U5 through U19 registered players will need to purchase a uniform, shin guards, and soccer cleats. For additional information regarding uniforms and equipment please contact your coach. Each coach picks out the uniform for their team. These may be picked from a catalog or a retail store and costs vary.

What will I need to buy for my soccer player?

Your player will need soccer cleats, shin guards, soccer ball & water jug. For uniforms – see the question above.

How many practices each week?

Most Generally
Lil Kicks players – Once per week during Lil Kicks session.
U5 – U8 players – Twice a week not to exceed 60 minutes.
U9-U14 players – Twice a week not to exceed 90 minutes.

What times are practices?

Usually, practices begin around 5:30 pm, depending on the coach’s work schedule and the availability of a practice field for the team. Your child’s coach will contact you via email, text, or phone regarding practice time and location.

Where will we practice?

CLSC has many practice fields located throughout the City of Claremore. CLSC coaches pick their practice field based on its availability to them. Practice fields are not always located directly in the vicinity of where the player lives. Each season, approximately 100 CLSC teams share practice fields in Claremore, Monday through Friday at various times in the evening.

Who coaches the players?

All CLSC coaches are volunteers! We have an average of 100 coaches who volunteer their time to coach our youth players every season. The majority of these volunteers are parents just like you! CLSC offers coaching clinics every season for brand-new coaches and also clinics for seasoned coaches. If you would like to coach your child, please notify the registrar at [email protected] and visit our Coaches section for tools, tips, and resources.

My child plays multiple sports or has multiple activities. What about practice or game conflicts?

  • CLSC cannot place a player on a specific team that only practices on a certain day or time of the week. The logistics of placing over 600 + players on teams is very time-consuming and we are not able to pick a team based on where or when they practice.
  • CLSC cannot re-schedule league games because of conflicts with another sport or other

What size soccer ball does my child need?

Size 3 Ball: Players in U5, U6, U7 and U8
Size 4 Ball: Players in U9, U10, U11/U12
Size 5 Ball: Players in U13/U14 and older

Will my child need a physical in order to play for CLSC?

No, CLSC does not require physicals.

Where will we play our league games?

  • CLSC closed league games are played at Claremore Soccer Club Complex in Claremore.
  • Open league games are played in the local Green Country area. Your league games will be played against other local soccer clubs in the Green Country area.

What days of the week are league games?

  • Usually, U6 through U16 league games are on Saturday. Some league games may be played on a week-night evening or a Sunday afternoon.
  • Usually, U19 league games are played on Sunday afternoon. Some league games may be played on a week-night evening.

Can I make a request for a specific team?

  • Requests for specific team placement must be submitted to the Registrar in writing by deadline listed on website.
  • Requests can be written in the “NOTES” section of the registration form or e-mailed to the registrar.
  • A parent or guardian having more than one child registered with CLSC may request that siblings be assigned to OSA team formation guidelines.
  • A special request may be made requesting the player not be placed on a certain team, with a certain coach or on a team with certain player(s).
  • Special requests beyond that listed above will be taken into consideration. However, the Club shall be under no obligation to honor such requests and as such the Club’s decision to not honor such a request(s) shall not constitute reason for reimbursement of registration fees if the player’s registration is withdrawn. The consideration of special requests shall be the sole discretion of the CLSC Registrar as overseen by the CLSC Executive Board (in accordance with the Standing Resolutions of the Club) and shall be considered only after the placement of all returning players to their existing teams during the normal and late registration periods.
  • Players may also request placement with a new or existing Rec Plus team. Addition to a Rec Plus roster is subject to approval of the Club and the team’s head coach.


When will the coach notify me what team my child is playing on?

Parents/players will be notified via email or phone by the head coach of their team a minimum of two weeks prior to the first game of the season. If you have not received notice by this time please send an email to: [email protected]

Will my child stay on the same team next season?

  • Your child must be registered before the Late Registration deadline to ensure they will be placed back on the same team. Please check the website for the late registration deadline.
  • As long as your child’s birth date fits within the same age group as the team. Some players/teams move up in age brackets in the Fall season.
  • All requests regarding player placement must be entered in the “Notes” section of the electronic registration form or emailed to the club Registrar.

Will I receive a refund if I do not like my team or where my child practices?

No refunds of registration fees will be allowed after players are registered with Claremore Soccer Club, except in cases of financial hardship, medical reasons, a move by the player to an area outside the Club’s boundary or failure of the Club to place a player on a CLSC team roster. Such refunds will be in the amount of one-half (½) of the registration fee paid, except in the case of failure of the Club to place a player on a CLSC team roster which shall
constitute a full refund. No refunds shall be granted after the first regular season game.

Do players receive any type of award or trophy?

  • U6 players will receive participation trophies at the end of each season.
  • U8 players will receive participation trophies at the end of each season.
  • U9 through U19 teams must win 1st or 2nd in their division to receive trophies which are presented at the end of season.

Can my child “Play Up” ?
Playing up refers to playing in an older age division than the player’s age dictates.

  • Playing up is discouraged by the club as this typically works to the detriment of the player’s development.
  • In no case will playing up be allowed for the purposes of keeping an existing team roster intact when changing age groups.
  • A recreational player shall not play up more than one seasonal year in age and that player shall remain in that older age division for that entire seasonal year (Fall and Spring).
  • No player shall be allowed to play up unless failure to do so provides a clear hardship on the player or his family or the Club. Clear reasons must be stated in requests for playing up due to hardship; a bona fide case must be made in writing by the parent or legal guardian.
  • Requests for playing up shall be submitted in writing by the player’s parent, or guardian, using the OSA Recreational Play Up Request Form which may be requested from the club Registrar.

Playing down refers to playing in a younger division than the player’s age is assigned.

No players shall be allowed to play down.

What happens if it is raining? Will a game be canceled?

Games will not be canceled if it is raining only. However, if it is storming and lightning is within the area, all games will be postponed until there has not been any lightning in the area for at least 20 minutes. read more