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Adult Soccer


For questions Email [email protected]

Who Men and Women players from 16 to 99. (youth players may participate with approval and a signed Parental Consent Form. Two 15-year-old (on date of registration) players per open team)
All players must have a Photo ID. . .(Drivers License, College ID, Photo ID card issued by the Tag Agency)

Coed – Open (Thursdays 7:00 pm & 8:30 pm)

Coed – Over30 (Tuesdays 7:00pm & 8:30pm)


Evenings (one scheduled league game a week)
March-May Spring 
June-August – Summer
September – November – Fall

Where Claremore Soccer Complex

COED 7v7 play on a U10 field.
(Coed) No more than 3 male Field Players are on the pitch at a TIME (not counting the Keeper).
Goal Keeper may be Male or Female. (Keeper does not count as a field player)
Women’s goals are worth 2 points, and Men’s are worth 1 point. 

Pickup Play on the field is determined by the number of players.
Teams are chosen at the time of play. Game duration 1 hour plus break time as needed.
There will be no officials. Play is intended for fun and exercise.

How Much

$65.00 Registering player
$40.00 for the second team in another Claremore coed league
$35.00 Registering player (discount to $20 if playing in another League)


Coed Over30 League: Registered players attaining, at least, the age of 30 on or before December 31, 2021.
(Each Over 30 Team is allowed One Male and One Female player at least 28 years of age on the date of Registration.)
Coed Open League: Any registered player.
Coed Open Pickup: Any registered player.

(click here for complete Teaming and League outline information.)

Adult Coed Fun League General Rules of Play

Claremore Soccer Club

NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES !!! Violators will be banned from the complex.

– Players must be registered Adult Players with CLSC and abide by the CLSC registration rules and standing regulations.

– Players must provide a Valid Photo ID when registering. (headshot of player only)

– Each player can be a member of and play on only one team per division. Players may play in any division in which they meet the age requirements.

– Games will be played in a 7v7 format, on a U10/U12 sized field.

– There can be no more than 3 Male players on the field at any time (not counting the keeper).

– Teams must have 5 players present, within 10 minutes of scheduled game time, to play a game. Failure of at least one team to play the game will result in a forfeiture and the game will result in a forfeiture and will not be rescheduled.

– Shin guards are mandatory.

Games will be governed by U12 youth rules with the exceptions listed below

– Games consist of two 35-minute periods.

– Starts from the center point and can be played in any direction.

– Build-out lines are not used. 

– No Off Side.

– Substitutions will be unlimited at any stoppage of play with the permission of the center official.

– Players receiving a Red Card, in any game, must be outside the fence and at a distance where verbal communication is not possible with play.  A substitution can be made. A Red Card constitutes an automatic suspension of play in all CLSC leagues for a minimum of 1 game.  Additional sanctions for adult players will be determined by the CLSC adult games and disciplinary committee. This committee will be convened in accordance with CLSC bylaws. 

– Any disciplinary action, resulting in the player being removed from any league, does not qualify the player for a refund of any fees.

– Players accumulating two yellow cards in one game or three yellow cards in the season will be automatically issued a Red Card and all of the penalties associated.  Receiving two yellow cards in one game will result in the player receiving a Red card and all penalties apply.  

– Board member/Field Marshal witnessing unbecoming behavior will refer the action to the disciplinary committee.

– A FIFA-approved size 5 ball will be used.

– Men will book 1 point per goal and women 2 points per goal. Any goal scored by a player into his/her own goal will book 1 point for the opposing team. The assignment of goals is to be done in the center referee’s best judgment.

– Penalty kicks are to be taken at the point on the penalty box line perpendicular to the center of the goal.

– No slide tackling of opposing player.

– Players are allowed to head the ball.

– Goalkeepers can slide, to play the ball, if done in a safe manner. Goalkeepers may NOT slide feet first into an on-coming player in a manner like that of a field player slide tackle. All efforts must be made to avoid collision with the attacking player(s), in the official’s best judgment.

– Attacking players may NOT play aggressively through a goalkeeper. All efforts must be made to avoid collision with the goalkeeper, in the official’s best judgment.